Annual Awards

Our annual banquet is a celebration of the Creswell community and that commitment. The highlights of the event include presenting awards for Citizen of the Year, Junior Citizen of the Year, Rose Barker Lifetime Achievement, Business of the Year, Educator of the year, Community Volunteer of the Year and Agri-business of the Year.

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Creswell Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Community Celebration and Awards Banquet

Category Descriptions

Business of the Year: A business typically seen as a leader in the business community, contributes to the economic vitality of Creswell, is supportive of its employees and their quality of life and gives back to the Creswell community. It is a company that has had significant impacts on employment, innovation, stability and contribution to the community beyond their core business.

Agri-business of the Year: An agriculture based business typically seen as a leader in the agriculture business community, contributes to the economic vitality of the Creswell area, is supportive of its employees and their quality of life and gives back to the Creswell community. Agricultural businesses include Production (farms, ranches, orchards), Distribution (stores or other sellers of LOCAL agricultural products) and Preparation (restaurants, manufacturers, etc. who primarily use LOCAL agricultural products).

Rose Barker Lifetime Achievement: Rose Barker was born May 7, 1917 in Minnesota, moved to Creswell in 1948 and passed away April 6, 2000. She was a clerk at a grocery store and at J.C. Penny Co. for many years. From 1967 to 1990, she owned and operated flower and gift shops in Creswell and Pleasant Hill. She was a member of Creswell Presbyterian Church, the Creswell Historical Society, the Creswell Lions Club and the Creswell Chamber of Commerce, where she was secretary of the board. Rose received a " Citizen of the Year" Award in 1987 and was recognized for lifetime achievement in 1989. This award continues to honor Creswell Area Community Members for Lifetime Achievement, year after year working for the betterment of the Creswell Community - economically, socially & civically.

Citizen of the Year: A person or group who, by their actions, have given unselfishly for the betterment of the Creswell area and/or the citizens therein. It’s not given for outstanding single effort, as much as for long-term, continuing commitment to the community; one who says, “Creswell is my home – and my life – and its future and mine are the same – and whatever I can do to make them better, I will do.”

Community Volunteer of the Year: An individual (or group) who has gone above the beyond the call of duty in volunteer service to the Creswell community and through their enthusiasm and dedication has set an example for future volunteers.

Educator of the Year: This award is given to individuals or groups who are exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled educators in grades preK-12. Additionally they inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn, have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues and play an active role in the community as well as in school.

Junior Citizen of the Year: High school seniors apply for this scholarship award. Candidates are selected based upon academic and extra-curricular activities, community involvement, future goals and financial need. Beginning in 2015 two runner-up candidates received awards and scholarships.